This weekend I stayed with friends.  It was a hot day in brooklyn and we did lots of walking, and went back to their place to cool down and watch world cup mid-afternoon.  The lady of the couple took a shower when we got back and I was surprised to find out that she had shaved her legs during that mid-day rinse off.  Yes, just causually whipped out a razor and gave her legs a good shaving.

What? What? You just do that casually?  I never do that.  My legs are a hodge-podge of lawnmower like strips.  Hair gets whacked off when I have a little panic, like: eek going to the beach with P’s family, I better hack back the undergrowth! Or I realize, eek I’m wearing a tank top, and I haven’t shaved my pits in a week. I gotta try to remember to shave them next time I’m in the shower.  Or, I’m in the car on a trip with P and I have my feet up on the dashboard and the summer sun catches all the hair on my legs, turning it golden, and I think: ooh pretty! Oh wait! No, bad! Hippy girl go home and scrape that off!

So at times like these I look at my hairy legs, and think: Alright Sara, lets try to shave the legs once a week for the summer. . . Or is that being unfeminist, and should I just chill about it?

Halloween Super Excited!!

November 15, 2009

Halloween in New York is awesome! No two ways about it, this holiday totally belongs to New York. There aren’t as many tourists as 4th of July, there isn’t as much pressure as New Years Eve, it’s almost warm enough to walk around in scanties, but the best part is really the subways filled with people wearing costumes. It’s so great to get on a train with normal looking people and then watch it fill up with (drunk) people in costumes.

This year I am going as part of a group costume. (First time ever!) Wuh came up with two ideas, making things that shouldn’t be slutty slutty. (Last year CP and I went as slutty hobos.)

SO this year nine of us are going as Slutty Dharma Initiative. Thats right. That group of island dwellers from Lost. Were going as a slutty dharma crew from the 1970’s.

We got our jumpsuits here:

And Beth posted photos, here were are as a group. Nine slutty dharma initiative members and one smoke monster. (Okay maybe she was a zombie ballerina, but she doubled as our smoke monster.)

Hello world!

November 15, 2009

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